Unlocking the Potential of ChatGPT for L&D

This session will explore the various ways ChatGPT, can be used to enhance learning and development programs. Attendees will learn about specific examples of how ChatGPT can be used in areas such as e-learning content creation and personalised learning.

It will also cover the technical aspects of implementing ChatGPT, including best practices for integrating it into existing training programs. Real-world case studies will be presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of ChatGPT in driving measurable improvements in learning and development outcomes. This session is ideal for L&D professionals, e-learning developers, and training managers who want to stay ahead of the curve and use cutting-edge technology to improve their training programs.

Debbie Key


Debbie combines her vast industry experiences and award-winning achievements to work with SuccessBOX clients to achieve organisational excellence. Through an upbeat, inclusivity style, high-precision results and an engaging problem-solving perspective, each SuccessBOX client is taken on a vibrant, inspiring journey that will suit their needs and create successful outcomes. Debbie’s passion sits within the people, learning and organisational development field; however, her years of experience in senior management ensures thorough business acumen and a capability to engage with all levels of the organisation.