The Dynamic Duo of Transfer and Analytics - How to Create and Demonstrate Learning Impact

Do you wish you had more visibility of what’s happening in the workplace as people apply the learning from your initiatives?
Have you struggled to show the impact that your learning is having within your organisation?

With technology now playing a key role in learning transfer it has opened the way for easier access to data demonstrating the impact of learning.
In this session, learning transfer expert Emma Weber will unpack the steps required to pair powerful transfer and analytics strategies to demonstrate learning outcomes based on real world examples.

In the session with you will:
  • Discover how chatbot data can be used to gather high quality data from learning
  • Learn the steps required to access accurate insights from data sets readily available to you
  • View examples of real world learning dashboards and learn the stories behind their creation
  • Build your confidence is maximising data analytics within your learning initiatives

Emma Weber

CEO/Founder Lever – Transfer of Learning

Emma Weber, learning transfer authority, made it her mission in life to make a difference to learning transfer worldwide. Frustrated by the amount of learning which is wasted when it fails to make it across the knowing – doing gap Emma created the Turning Learning into Action™ methodology to solve that problem.

This methodology is deployed throughout 20 countries and in 12 languages by a talented team and Coach M, a conversational intelligence. Coach M is challenging the industries thinking of what’s possible in learning transfer.

Emma shares her passion and expertise through her writing – her first book 'Turning Learning into Action: a proven methodology for effective transfer of learning' was published by Kogan Page in 2014.