9 & 10 March 2023, The Star, Gold Coast. The theme: IMPACT.

These sessions focus on building practical skills and modern ways to help build your impact. We have a range of industry experts and facilitators running sessions

  • DAY ONE 

    9th March (9:00am – 5:00pm)

    Focussing on practical skills and takeaways to help build your impact. We have a range of industry experts and facilitators running sessions around:
    Design Process, Making Learning Impactful, Social and digital learning, Learning Transfer, Evaluating Learning Impact, L&D Strategic Impact

    We have included lots of opportunities for attendees to network and share their ideas from sessions, plus join in on a selection of expert tables.

    Gala Awards Dinner (6:30pm – 10:00pm)

    Gala Awards Dinner – recognising and celebrating individuals and teams who have made significant impacts through their learning and development initiatives.


    10th March (9:30am – 3:00pm)

    We kick off Day Two with a session on Transfer Effectiveness, a panel discussion drawing on the key ideas from Day One, then all the attendees will have a chance to collaborate to apply the learning from Day One to a challenge of their choosing.

  • Designing Learning Experiences and Process

    Scott Arbuthnot

    Content is abundant. Learning is less so because content needs deliberately designed experiences and process to sustain new behaviours. If presenting content was the answer, TED Talks would have saved the world years ago.

    In this highly interactive session, Scott will share shapes and nested loops to design learning experiences and processes to multiply the outcomes and impacts of your content. This active session gives participants ready to use:

    + ways to extract maximum engagement and value from virtual platforms
    + complex facilitation methods to make voices equal and draw meaning from groups
    + longer term process design methods for experiential, reflective, collaborative and cohort/community enhanced learning

  • Make Formal Learning Impactful – with Retrieval and Real-world Practice

    Geoff Rip

    This session focuses on the crucial application (‘transfer’) phase of formal learning programs. Geoff will set the scene by briefly outlining a ‘new’ way of looking at transfer and how it relates to the Training Effectiveness Equation and his Ready-Set-Go-Show Model. He will reveal the two imperatives for ensuring any training (including e-learning) produces outstanding results and the implications for formative assessment.

    Geoff will explain the importance of spaced retrieval practice after learning events and numerous ways in which you can easily harness this strategy to influence retention and recall. He will then share summary details of his research into more than 60 models related to learning from application. Geoff will clarify the essential role of ‘self-managed experiential learning’ and some practical ways in which you can support this process to ensure impactful outcomes.

  • Make your mark, make an impact!

    Sally Foley-Lewis FILP

    You know you have made an impact when your learners reach out years later and share their experience of how you changed their world. What impact do you want to make as a learning and development professional? Your learning, growth and networking matters! These have a direct influence on the impact you make as a professional responsible for the learning, growth and development of others. This opening session will weave these together to kick off the Learning Impact Summit 2023!

  • Adam Le Good
  • Gabby Button
  • L&D Professionals as Strategic Leaders

    L&D has such an incredible opportunity to influence employee engagement, help with retaining the changing workforce and facilitate the achievement of strategic objectives.

    What is the real role of L&D professionals in the future for organisations?
    Why are we missing a seat at the executive table when we offer so much value to organisations?
    What are we missing to enable this?
    How do make it happen so we can make an impact?

    This session will provide a robust discussion around these questions, and provide practical tips for both internal and external L&D professionals to build credibility.

    It is time to step up and take the lead to make this happen!

  • Investigate. Identify. Impact.

    Carolyn Shaw

    “If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution’, – Steve Jobs According to Forbes April 2022, Learning and Development has become a competitive differentiator for an organisation’s success. To stay effective, L&D professionals need to be a strategic learning business partner and create programming that IMPACTS learners and business needs.

    In this practical session, explore processes, tools and techniques to conduct a needs assessment that will uncover the real issues and not just the symptoms of the problem, to design solutions that will add measurable value and IMPACT real business objectives.

  • Social & Digital Learning

    Michelle Parry-Slater

    Always focusing on our learners and their needs means we must seek to provide learning which is the right solution, for the right problem, for the right people, at the right time, for the right reasons, delivered in the right way. Consequently, we need to be ready to provide learning which embraces the best of face-to-face, social and digital learning solutions, as any one or indeed all of these may be the solution to the problem you are solving with learning. Such breadth can feel difficult, especially if we have come from a traditional in-person training background. Michelle Parry-Slater helps L&Ders feel confident in moving away from what we know and hold dear in learning towards interventions that modern learners and their organisations need.

    In this session, let Michelle walk alongside you, as you embrace the best of social and digital learning in a way that feels natural and evolutionary. It is a journey she herself has taken, and now she is a champion and advocate of live online learning, socialised learning spaces and offering the best the digital learning world has to offer. Sharing ideas from her book, The Learning and Development Handbook, Michelle will lead a practical hands-on session on implementing social and digital learning looking specifically at digital body language, storytelling and effective use of slides. She will leave you ready to get going straight away with more effective, efficient, engaging and enjoyable live online learning.

  • What Makes Training Really Work – 12 Levers Of Transfer Effectiveness

    Melanie Martin

    What factors determine learning transfer success? How can L&D leaders, facilitators and consultants systematically increase transfer of learning events? And which tools and interventions promote transfer effectiveness? In this session, we’ll explore some of the answers to these questions – answers which are scientifically sound and practically tested”

    We will give you an overview on the 12 levers of transfer effectiveness which are the gist of 110 year of scientific research that Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel from the Institute for Transfer effectiveness ( reviewed. These 12 levers are focused on ensuring that the insights of a learning event are transferred into real life in a sustainable way.

    In an effort to support your own transfer success from The Learning Impact Summit, we will then zoom into one of the 12 levers called Transfer Planning. We will use the motivation high that typically exists during and at the end of a training/conference and make sure that you carefully plan your first one to three Mini Steps. We know from research that the feeling of successfully having implemented those first mini steps raises your motivation and gives you the energy to take further steps as well! With this easy and basic idea, you can double or even triple transfer success!

  • The Dynamic Duo of Transfer and Analytics - How to Create and Demonstrate Learning Impact

    Emma Weber

    Do you wish you had more visibility of what’s happening in the workplace as people apply the learning from your initiatives?
    Have you struggled to show the impact that your learning is having within your organisation?

    With technology now playing a key role in learning transfer it has opened the way for easier access to data demonstrating the impact of learning.
    In this session, learning transfer expert Emma Weber will unpack the steps required to pair powerful transfer and analytics strategies to demonstrate learning outcomes based on real world examples.

    In the session with you will:

    • Discover how chatbot data can be used to gather high quality data from learning
    • Learn the steps required to access accurate insights from data sets readily available to you
    • View examples of real world learning dashboards and learn the stories behind their creation
    • Build your confidence is maximising data analytics within your learning initiatives
  • Craig Browne
  • Leonie Cutts
  • Benefits of using image cards to improve learning and development

    Most learning professionals are familiar with the benefits of using image cards to improve learning and development experiences. However, too often these tools are underutilised — positioned as just add-ons or nice icebreakers.

    In this vibrant interactive session, you will experience how careful and at times, courageous, restructuring of learning session flow will maximise the impact of image cards to create compelling learning readiness, deepen engagement, and motivate behaviour change.

    In this session, image card experts, Leonie Cutts and Craig Browne, will share:

    • The great things image cards do for your learner’s brains
    • Positioning real and virtual image card activities in your learning flows for greatest impact
    • The bravery and power of wide-open topics
    • Maximising learner discovery and leveraging their lived experience
  • Consulting, Coaching, Speaking, Just Relying on One Is Never Enough

    Lindsay Adam OAM

    Do you rely on just one income stream to earn a living? If so, then you are either very consistent in your marketing or you suffer from dizziness brought on by roller coaster income. It’s either a feast or a famine! One minute you are barely keeping up, the next you suddenly have time to burn. Sound familiar?

    In this session Lindsay Adams OAM will share detailed case studies on how he and other consultants learned how to diversify and how they added separate streams of income to their businesses to iron out the peaks, troughs and motion sickness brought on by that roller coaster ride.

    He will share how you can double your income on almost every assignment without asking your client for extra money. How to become known in your field with a unique offering that reflects your brand and stand out in that crowded marketplace as an in-demand expert.

  • Lessons Learned in the Metaverse:

    Lindsey Leigh Hobson

    Insiderknowledge and practical case studies for L&DProfessionals

    What happens when you take over 120 Learning and Development professionals into the metaverse, many for the first time? Join Lindsey Leigh Hobson as she shares real data from L&D professionals of their experiences attending and facilitating training sessions in the metaverse. What you’ll learn is out of this world.

    In this forward-thinking session, delegates will discover:

    • The little black book of metaverse myths... debunked!
    • Practical case studies of how L&D professionals are (and are not) using the metaverse in their businesses
    • Must-know ‘light bulb’ moments learned through experience, so you can decide if it’s right for your workplace and training
  • Unlocking the Potential of ChatGPT for L&D

    Debbie Key

    This session will explore the various ways ChatGPT, can be used to enhance learning and development programs. Attendees will learn about specific examples of how ChatGPT can be used in areas such as e-learning content creation and personalised learning.

    It will also cover the technical aspects of implementing ChatGPT, including best practices for integrating it into existing training programs. Real-world case studies will be presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of ChatGPT in driving measurable improvements in learning and development outcomes. This session is ideal for L&D professionals, e-learning developers, and training managers who want to stay ahead of the curve and use cutting-edge technology to improve their training programs.

  • How to make your engagement impactful in virtual and hybrid events

    Jo Cook

    One of the hardest elements of live online learning and hybrid events is getting people involved, really involved… in collaborating, generating ideas, decision making or learning. We know it’s hard to get people involved with the activities and harder still to ensure people are connected in hybrid events, so just how do we go about making sure that we are focusing on the people we are working with and not just the technology?

    This session has Jo Cook joining us virtually from the UK, where she’ll discuss the above issues and offer some practice solutions for you to use in your own work:

    • Why the impactful engagement is of paramount importance
    • How to ensure your design focus is in the right place
    • Tips for facilitating activities, both virtual and hybrid