Melanie Martinelli

Melanie Martinelli

Co-founder of The Learning Gym

Melanie Martinelli is a L&D professional who is passionate about creating a paradigm shift in how we think about designing and delivering programs, by putting the learner in the forefront, and focusing on driving performance (and not just learning).

Her tryst with training began with an award-winning thesis, “Managing Cultural Differences - A Key to Successful Offshore Collaboration.” This led to her joining a Bangalore-based offshore product engineering company. After a three-year stint in International Sales and Account Management, Melanie moved to training and development and started building bridges between companies and people around the globe.

A learning professional at heart and an entrepreneur in her mindset, she has built three successful training companies across the globe. Her passion for sports and learning was the inspiration for her current venture “The Learning Gym” where you can build, stretch and tone your learning muscles.

Being a Kirkpatrick Certified facilitator, Melanie effectively assists individuals and organizations in building memorable learning experiences linked to performance. Melanie firmly believes in creating learning solutions that are guaranteed to deliver results. She also works closely with Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel from the Institute of Transfer Effectiveness and uses the “12 levers of transfer effectiveness methodology” to develop scientifically sound and practical transfer concepts.

Melanie is highly intuitive and draws on a wide experience to help working professionals from across industries and cultures to grasp the various factors that drive training and transfer effectiveness. Melanie applies strong business acumen and deep understanding of how professionals learn best to design and deliver high impact workshops.

After living in India for 17 years & working extensively across the APAC region, Melanie in 2021 moved back to her hometown Basel together with her Indian husband and son.