Make Formal Learning Impactful – with Retrieval and Real-world Practice

This session focuses on the crucial application (‘transfer’) phase of formal learning programs. Geoff will set the scene by briefly outlining a ‘new’ way of looking at transfer and how it relates to the Training Effectiveness Equation and his Ready-Set-Go-Show Model. He will reveal the two imperatives for ensuring any training (including e-learning) produces outstanding results and the implications for formative assessment.

Geoff will explain the importance of spaced retrieval practice after learning events and numerous ways in which you can easily harness this strategy to influence retention and recall. He will then share summary details of his research into more than 60 models related to learning from application. Geoff will clarify the essential role of ‘self-managed experiential learning’ and some practical ways in which you can support this process to ensure impactful outcomes.

Geoff Rip

Founder, Training That Works

Geoff Rip is an entrepreneur, researcher, and innovator in Learning & Development and a Life Member of the ILP. He founded his first consulting and training business in the late 1980’s and has extensive experience in Australia and overseas. Geoff has won awards for his high-impact program designs and has an impressive track record of successful projects and repeat business. His education includes a Bachelor of Business Science (Hons) and an MBA (specialising in Organisation Development).