Lessons Learned in the Metaverse:

Insiderknowledge and practical case studies for L&DProfessionals

What happens when you take over 120 Learning and Development professionals into the metaverse, many for the first time? Join Lindsey Leigh Hobson as she shares real data from L&D professionals of their experiences attending and facilitating training sessions in the metaverse. What you’ll learn is out of this world.

In this forward-thinking session, delegates will discover:

  • The little black book of metaverse myths... debunked!
  • Practical case studies of how L&D professionals are (and are not) using the metaverse in their businesses
  • Must-know ‘light bulb’ moments learned through experience, so you can decide if it’s right for your workplace and training

Lindsey Leigh Hobson

Speaker in the Metaverse

Lindsey Leigh is an active team manager across multiple industries, an award-winning Speaker, and a qualified Life Coach. She is the Founder of The Learning and Development Collective, where she leads a network of over 300 learning and development professionals from some of Australia's biggest corporates such as Deloitte, BDO and ANZ.