Designing Learning Experiences & Process - Scott Arbuthnot

Content is abundant. Learning is less so because content needs deliberately designed experiences and process to sustain new behaviours. If presenting content was the answer, TED Talks would have saved the world years ago.

In this highly interactive session, Scott will share shapes and nested loops to design learning experiences and processes to multiply the outcomes and impacts of your content. This active session gives participants ready to use:

+ ways to extract maximum engagement and value from virtual platforms
+ complex facilitation methods to make voices equal and draw meaning from groups
+ longer term process design methods for experiential, reflective, collaborative and cohort/community enhanced learning

Scott Arbuthnot

Leadership Online

Scott is a leadership consultant, coach and facilitator with 28 years experience in designing experiential learning process. Since 2002, Scott has e-facilitated blended programs and now hosts Scott is an independent scholar with 100+ published articles.