Consulting, Coaching, Speaking, Just Relying on One Is Never Enough

Do you rely on just one income stream to earn a living? If so, then you are either very consistent in your marketing or you suffer from dizziness brought on by roller coaster income. It’s either a feast or a famine! One minute you are barely keeping up, the next you suddenly have time to burn. Sound familiar?

In this session Lindsay Adams OAM will share detailed case studies on how he and other consultants learned how to diversify and how they added separate streams of income to their businesses to iron out the peaks, troughs and motion sickness brought on by that roller coaster ride.

He will share how you can double your income on almost every assignment without asking your client for extra money. How to become known in your field with a unique offering that reflects your brand and stand out in that crowded marketplace as an in-demand expert.

Lindsay Adams OAM

The Relationship Guy

Lindsay Adams OAM, CSP is a practiced speaking professional, workshop facilitator and business relationship specialist. With over 20 years relationship management experience, Lindsay’s focus is on building more sales and generating better outcomes in less time by doing business by relationship. He has worked with executive teams, individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners across Australia, Asia, Europe, and the United States. He won't just 'tell' you the principles of the topic, he will help you put them into action.

He has served as National President of Professional Speakers Australia and International President of the Global Speakers Federation. He was awarded a Medal in the Order of Australia (OAM) by the Australian Government for services to the professional speaking industry in 2020.