Benefits of using image cards to improve learning and development

Most learning professionals are familiar with the benefits of using image cards to improve learning and development experiences. However, too often these tools are underutilised — positioned as just add-ons or nice icebreakers.

In this vibrant interactive session, you will experience how careful and at times, courageous, restructuring of learning session flow will maximise the impact of image cards to create compelling learning readiness, deepen engagement, and motivate behaviour change.

In this session, image card experts, Leonie Cutts and Craig Browne, will share:

  • The great things image cards do for your learner’s brains
  • Positioning real and virtual image card activities in your learning flows for greatest impact
  • The bravery and power of wide-open topics
  • Maximising learner discovery and leveraging their lived experience

Craig Browne

Productiser, award-winning game designer

Craig is a Co-founder of CCS Corporation and principal developer of the Compatibility Communication System (or CCS), a unique image-card based communication tool used by thousands of organisations all over the world, in pretty much every field. Known as CCS Cards, and available in both real and virtual formats, this flexible tool can be used to improve the quality of sharing, listening, creativity and collaboration in training, facilitation, coaching, strategic meetings, vision and values creation, counselling, mentoring and education.

Originally trained in science education and media communication, Craig is also an experienced graphic and digital designer and in addition to the CCS, has been inventing and developing award-winning, international games, websites, apps and game-like products for entertainment, education and corporate markets for more than 30 years.

He has created products and concepts for the likes of Disney, DreamWorks, Mattel, Crown and Andrews, Goliath, University Games, ABC, The Wiggles, CommBank, ING, Cerebos and the MAAS. His first game, Compatibility was picked up by Mattel, translated into 5 languages and sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide. His game, Sort it Out! won USA Game of the Year in 2010. Most recently, he created the board game adaptation of ABC’s Hard Quiz TV game show.

Beyond these professional pursuits, Craig also likes to write songs and sing, build tracks in the bush, and make things from stone and wood.


Leonie Cutts

Facilitator & Coach, CCS Cards Corporation

Facilitating purposeful and meaningful conversations for

connection and growth.

Leonie is a co-founding director of CCS Corporation, the developers of the Compatibility Communication System (CCS Cards). She is principal coach, facilitator and creator of products that bring people together for meaningful connection. The CCS is a communication tool that helps create open and honest communication, and has been used by thousands of trainers, coaches and learning experts around the world.

Leonie has designed and delivered customised programs for leadership, team-building, personal development, presentation skills, communication skills and integrating corporate values across a variety of industries.

As a coach (PCC) with a background in education and psychology and over 25 years of building and delivering programs for managers and leaders, Leonie is passionate about drawing out people's strengths to help them grow personally and to contribute to organisational intelligence.